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accelerometer for linear displacement
  • user2155669

    I have accelerometer readings from the android device. I would like to know what kind of acceleration this data represents(rotation or linear acceleration).

    Is there anyway I can use this data to distinguish between rotation and translation(if it has both)?

    I tried low-pass-filtering the data and find the distance using this code:

            oldaccel+=0.1428* (accel-oldaccel); //low pass filtering
            S+=((V*dT)+ (0.5*oldaccel*dT*dT)); //finding the distance with previous velocity
            V+=(oldaccel*dT);                  //updating the velocity

    ( oldaccel-filtered data accel-accelerometer data S-distance,V-velocity,dT-sampling period)

    It doesn't give me the distance expected for a linear motion(I'm guessing useful data is being eliminated along with noise?)

  •  Answers:

  • Scott Seidman

    You would probably need to highpass filter to yield translational acceleration,depending on the nature of the translations you're talking about. This doesn't take into account any processing the Android already does.